When to Hire an Attorney

If you have suffered a workplace accident or occupational injury, you may be asking, “Should I hire a worker’s comp attorney?” While not all workplace injuries or illnesses require hiring an attorney, situations exist when hiring a worker’s compensation attorney is the wisest choice. Representation in a Wisconsin worker’s compensation case is by contingent fee only, meaning there is no fee unless you obtain a monetary recovery. An experienced worker’s compensation lawyer can evaluate your case, contest a denial of worker’s compensation benefits, claim benefits for loss of earning capacity or retraining, and maximize your benefits.

Signs You Should Hire an Attorney for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

When you ask, “Should I hire an attorney for worker’s compensation?" the answer often depends on the severity of your injuries, the complexity of your case, and the actions of the worker’s compensation insurance company. Here are signs you should hire a worker’s comp lawyer to represent you.

#1 The Worker’s Compensation Insurance Company Denies Your Benefits

You should hire a worker’s compensation lawyer if your employer or their insurance company deny your benefits. Worker’s compensation claims are often denied when the insurance company hires a defense doctor who says that you did not sustain a work injury, or that the injury was minor. If your doctors have a different opinion and say that you did sustain a work injury and that it requires significant treatment, Kingree Law Firm can contest the denial and claim the benefits you are entitled to. Worker’s compensation claims are also sometimes denied because of late reporting or because your doctors do not include your medical records that you sustained a work injury. Kingree Law Firm can also assist in some of these situations, as well.

#2 Your Employer Lays You Off Or Terminates Your Employment

If you were fired or demoted, your hours were reduced, or you are pressured to return to work too soon, contact us to protect your rights. If you sustain a temporary or permanent wage loss, we may be able to claim benefits for you.

#3 You Suffered a Permanent Disability or Suffer a Permanent Wage Loss

Worker’s compensation insurance companies are more likely to deny claims that cause permanent partial disability, permanent total disability, inability to perform your prior occupation, or otherwise cause a permanent wage loss. Worker’s comp carriers often deny surgeries, permanent disability, or a loss of earning capacity because they are often the most expensive. Kingree Law Firm can claim permanent partial, permanent total, or loss of earning capacity benefits. Even if you return to work without wage loss following a surgery, you are likely entitled to permanent partial disability benefits that are payable regardless of work status.

#4 You Are Assessed with Permanent Partial Disability That Is Not Paid

Many worker’s compensation insurance companies dispute the PPD rating that is assessed by your treating doctors. If your PPD rating is not paid in full, contact us.

#5 You Have a Work Injury But Your Doctors Did Not Put It In Your Medical Records

Many doctors and clinic systems only document the symptoms, how long they have been occurring, the examination findings, diagnosis, and plan for treatment in the medical records. You can see that how and why the condition occurred is not among those factors. Some doctors and clinic systems include the how and why in their records, but many do not. If your doctor has not included the work injury, or has not commented that your current condition is work-related, despite your verbal interactions with the doctor, contact Kingree Law Firm. We may be able to help.

#6 You Think Your Work Activities Over Time Caused Your Work Injury But You Do Not Know How To Claim It

If you believe that your work activities over time - as opposed to a specific incident - caused your medical condition, it is important to inform your doctors of this and ask that they provide an opinion on whether your work activities were a material contributing factor to your condition. Work activities must only be “a cause” not “the cause” of your condition. If you have discussed your work activities with your doctor and believe that they caused your condition, whatever that condition may be, contact Kingree Law Firm. Even if your doctors support causation, worker’s compensation insurers deny these types of injuries very frequently.

#7 You Believe You Are Not Receiving All the Benefits You Are Due

If you have lost wages in the healing period, whether you are entirely off work or have returned to work but are sustaining a wage loss because of restrictions from the work injury, you are entitled to temporary wage loss benefits. Contact us if those benefits are not paid. If you have sustained a permanent disability, including PPD or permanent wage loss, and those benefits are not paid, contact us. We may be able to help.

Signs You Don’t Need a Lawyer for Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Some workplace injuries are straightforward and do not require assistance from a lawyer. Here are times when you may not require representation:

  • Your injuries were minor;
  • The worker’s compensation insurance company admits your injury happened at work, you have not sustained a permanent wage loss, and all benefits are paid without a dispute;
  • You missed little time from work because of the injury;

Even so, requesting a free evaluation of your workers’ compensation case is often beneficial. You may not realize you are entitled to additional benefits. Kingree Law Firm can evaluate your claim and help you decide whether you will benefit from hiring an attorney.

Need an Attorney for Your Worker’s Compensation Claim? Contact Kingree Law Today.

In some circumstances, you may not need to hire an attorney after a workplace injury. But if you have questions or need assistance understanding your rights and navigating the workers’ compensation system, Kingree Law Firm is here to help.

Wisconsin worker’s compensation attorney Luke Kingree will analyze your situation, claim disputed or unclaimed benefits, build the strongest case possible, and advocate to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. To learn more, contact Kingree Law today to schedule a free and confidential consultation to discuss your situation and how we can help.