When to Hire an Attorney

Not all workplace illnesses or injuries require you to hire an attorney. However, you should contact us right away if:

  • The worker’s compensation insurance company sends you a letter denying your claim; these letters often include a report from their “Independent Medical Examiner” (IME) or an “Independent Record Review” that has determined that you are not entitled to benefits
  • Your employer terminates your employment after a work injury
  • You have permanent restrictions that prevent you from returning to your job, or prevent you from performing the same type of work that you were doing prior to the injury
  • Permanent damage from the work injury makes you permanently disabled from all work
  • Your doctor gives you a permanent partial disability (PPD) rating that is not fully paid by the worker’s compensation insurance company
  • You have a work injury but your doctors did not put it in your medical record
  • You think your work activities over time caused your injury or aggravated a pre-existing condition, but you do not know how to claim it as worker’s compensation
  • You believe you have not received all benefits that are due

You may not need an attorney right away after a work injury, or when there are minor disputes with the insurance company or your employer. See more about how worker’s compensation claims typically start, and common disputes that do not require a lawyer, here. If you have any questions or want to understand your rights under the law, please contact us. We are here to help you navigate the Worker’s Compensation system and to assist you when you are unable to work due to a workplace illness or injury.