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Workplace Injuries From Repetitive or Prolonged Work Activities
When your job requires that you remain in the same position for extended periods or repeat the same motion again and again, you may have suffered a repetitive strain or prolonged use injury. While these injuries occur gradually over time, they can be… Read More
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How A Back Or Neck Injury Can Affect Your LOEC
Injuries to the head, neck, and back can be debilitating. They cause severe pain that often leads to missed time from work and, in some cases, might even cause you to lose your job. Fortunately, Wisconsin’s workers’ compensation law allows an inj… Read More
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What To Know About Your Disability Benefits
In a Wisconsin worker’s compensation claim, proving that you were injured at work is often just the start. Wisconsin worker’s compensation benefit schedules are complicated, and it can be difficult to understand what benefits you are entitled to… Read More
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Are Repetitive Strain Injuries Compensable?
When most people think of a workers’ compensation claim, they often assume that the injury must have been suffered as a result of a specific accident or incident. But this is incorrect, as someone who suffered a repetitive strain injury (RSI) is al… Read More
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Returning to Work After An Injury
After a workplace accident or occupational injury, your primary goal is to get as better as possible as quickly as possible. That usually means returning to work as soon as you can. Although workers’ compensation benefits help cover the cost of med… Read More
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What To Know About Occupational Disease
Unlike a workplace accident that results from a single traumatic event, occupational diseases develop gradually over time, often due to repetitive work activities or exposure to harmful substances. Even though the worker may have difficulty identifyi… Read More
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What To Do When You Are Injured at Work
If you are injured at work, you’re likely entitled to benefits through Wisconsin’s Workers’ Compensation system. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to employees who suffer a workplace accident or occupational injury. But you should… Read More
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Can You Be Fired While on Workers’ Comp?
If you suffered a workplace injury, worker’s compensation benefits will cover your medical treatment, lost wages, and long-term disabilities or impairments. But while you’re collecting workers’ compensation benefits, you may wonder, “What hap… Read More
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Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council approves first increase in PPD benefits in 5 years
The Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council has approved a bill that would increase the permanent partial disability (PPD) rate for injured Wisconsin workers for the first time in 5 years. The PPD rate – which is paid for permanent damag… Read More
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