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If your claim for worker’s compensation was denied, you need a powerful and committed worker’s compensation attorney on your side. Even if your claim has not been denied but you are faced with long periods off of work and an uncertain future, Kingree Law Firm is a knowledgeable and dedicated advocate dedicated to protecting your rights.

At Kingree Law Firm, we know you don’t want to depend on someone else for your livelihood and are not looking for a handout. We believe in helping workers in Madison, Eau Claire, and across Wisconsin get the treatment they need, get back to work, and get the benefits they deserve. When a disability is permanent, we’ll help you get the support you need to compensate for your loss of earning capacity.

Why Call a Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Attorney?

Wherever you work, there is always a risk of being injured. Sadly, a workplace accident or occupational injury can cause serious harm. Your injuries could prevent you from returning to work and significantly reduce your earnings, sometimes for life. Without financial assistance, you might not be able to make ends meet.

Wisconsin worker’s compensation laws protect people who were hurt on the job. But the process of obtaining the benefits you deserve after a workplace injury is not always straightforward. Your benefits may be denied, and even if the worker’s compensation insurance company pays some benefits, they may not pay all of the benefits you are entitled to without a fight.

To begin receiving your worker’s compensation benefits, you will need to submit forms, have appropriate documentation from your doctor, and comply with complex rules and procedures put in place by your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance company and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

Unfortunately, the insurance company is not on your side, and they don’t want to pay the full amount of your claim. They may try to deny your benefits or not give you full information about the benefits you are entitled to. An experienced worker’s compensation lawyer can evaluate your situation, help you navigate the worker’s compensation process, and fight for the benefits you deserve.

Why Choose Kingree Law Firm

Kingree Law Firm has been helping Wisconsin’s injured workers for years and has grown to become one of Wisconsin’s premier worker’s compensation law firms. Founded by Attorney Luke Kingree, Kingree Law Firm is a voice for injured workers and a strong and tenacious advocate who will work hard to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

Luke Kingree has been recognized as a Wisconsin SuperLawyer and is known as a powerful advocate for injured workers who regularly achieves exceptional results for his clients. Known for his encyclopedic command of Wisconsin worker’s compensation law and his thorough understanding of procedure in Wisconsin worker’s compensation claims, Luke Kingree is a dedicated advocate for injured workers who knows how to get results.

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