The Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Law is not a handout. It is an insurance program that is designed to provide benefits to individuals who suffer lost wages and/or earning capacity due to a workplace illness or injury.  Insurance companies love to save money off the backs of working people, and it is often necessary to obtain the assistance of an attorney to dispute a wrongful denial, or to ensure that you are maximizing your benefits under the law. Even if your claim has not yet been denied, you may be missing out on certain benefits that the insurance company will not pay without a fight. 

The law is designed to pay for lost wages while in the healing period, cover medical expenses, and partially compensate you according to a formula for the permanent damage to your body. If you have permanent restrictions that cause you to lose your job or have a permanent wage loss, you may be able to claim benefits for retraining (education) and loss of earning capacity in some circumstances. You may also be entitled to permanent total disability benefits for some injuries. Benefits are also payable in other less common scenarios, such as disfigurement, death, penalties against the insurance company, and unreasonable termination following a work injury.

See our FAQ section and Information Center on worker’s comp disability benefits that you may be entitled to.  We are here to assist you when your ability to work has been negatively impacted by a work-related accident or injury; call us to learn more about your rights and benefits under the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation law. 

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