For Referring Professionals

Wisconsin workers’ compensation law can be complicated. As a law firm that specializes in handling workers’ compensation claims, Kingree Law Firm understands the challenges of navigating the Wisconsin workers’ compensation system. Attorney Luke Kingree has handled over 1,000 workers’ compensation claims and has earned a reputation as a powerful and tenacious advocate for injured workers.

Because of this experience and expertise, attorneys, law firms, and other professionals refer injured workers to Kingree Law Firm. If you have a client, potential client, or patient with a workers’ compensation claim or whose workers’ compensation claim was denied, the attorney referral services at Kingree Law Firm can help.

Attorney Referral Services Explained

Most lawyers focus their practice on specific areas of the law. When they have a client whose legal issue falls outside their area of expertise, it is often necessary to refer the client to a lawyer who specializes in that area of the law.

When you refer your client to the right lawyer, you ensure they will be well-represented and increase the likelihood of a successful result. You also enhance your credibility and solidify your reputation with that client.

Through the attorney referral services at Kingree Law Firm we assure you of three things: (1) We will care for your client the same way we would if they had contacted us directly; (2) We will seek to maximize the chances of a favorable outcome; and (3) If you request a referral fee, we will protect that fee and pay it upon the successful completion of the case.

Kingree Law Firm is also available to consult on workers’ compensation claims as co-counsel. Or, if you have questions about Wisconsin workers’ compensation law or need quick answers to a situation involving a Wisconsin workers’ compensation claim, Attorney Kingree is available to help.

For Medical Professionals

Kingree Law Firm specializes in Wisconsin workers’ compensation claims. If you or your patient has questions about Wisconsin workers’ compensation, Kingree Law is happy to help. Attorney Kingree regularly works with doctors, clinics, and their patients to analyze workers’ compensation issues and provide the answers they need.

Contacting Kingree Law Firm

When you have a patient who may have been injured at work, you can contact Kingree Law Firm directly or have your patient contact us.

Common Questions for Referring Physicians

Will workers’ comp pre-approve medical treatment?

There is no mandatory pre-approval of medical treatment In Wisconsin workers’ compensation. This is unlike workers’ compensation claims in many other states or traditional health insurance plans.

What should you do when workers’ compensation is late paying medical bills?

When you provide medical care and treatment to an injured worker, you rightly expect to be paid. The insurance carrier should pay those bills within a reasonable amount of time unless they have a valid defense.

It is not uncommon for a delay of 90 days or more to receive payment for treatment provided in a workers’ compensation claim. If more than six months have passed and your bill has not been paid without a valid defense, contact us right away.

What if my patient’s workers’ compensation claim has been denied?

If your patient was injured at work and their claim was denied, have them contact us immediately. Please see our Understanding the Process section for additional information.

How quickly can you appeal a denial of workers’ compensation benefits?

Most workers’ compensation claims are denied after an Independent Medical Examination (IME), or a factual defense. Once the claim has been denied, it is usually not possible to get worker’s compensation benefits quickly reinstated, including payment of medical expenses. Your patient will usually need to complete medical treatment, file an application for hearing, and either settle the disputed benefits or take the case to hearing. Kingree Law assists with building the case, handling the filings, litigation, settlement and hearings.

Why did the workers’ compensation insurance carrier deny my patient’s claim?

When an insurance carrier denies a workers’ compensation claim without an IME, it is usually because of a factual dispute, such as that the patient did not report the injury in a timely fashion or other potential causes for the condition are mentioned in the medical records. Other times, the claim is denied because the facts of the injury are not addressed in the medical record. If a medical provider only addresses the medical condition and treatment plan but does not discuss how and why the injury occurred, the claim may be denied.

What if your patient’s claim is denied and your bills are not paid?

If your clinic requires timely payment for services, you should consider billing the patient’s health insurance carrier. Appealing the denial of a workers’ compensation claim can take months, and the appeal may not be successful. Be mindful that there may be deadlines to submit your claim to the patient’s health insurance carrier.

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For other questions regarding our attorney referral services, please contact Kngree Law Firm directly. Attorney Kingree is committed to helping injured workers in Wisconsin obtain the legal and medical help they deserve.