For Referring Professionals


Kingree Law specializes in worker’s compensation claims. Attorney Luke Kingree has handled more than a thousand worker’s compensation cases and focuses on worker’s compensation law as his sole area of practice. As referring professionals, if you have a client or potential client with a worker’s compensation claim or who has received a denial of their worker’s compensation claim, contact us today. Upon request, we will pay a referral fee after the successful completion of the case.

While not necessary, if you have medical records, information, or other documentation related to your client’s injury or illness, please obtain your client or potential client’s consent and send it to us. Sharing information is beneficial to the client and allows for a more efficient handling of the case.

Attorney Kingree is also available to consult on worker’s compensation claims as co-counsel. In addition, if you have questions about worker’s compensation law or simply need quick answers to situations involving worker’s compensation, he is always eager to help. Give us a call or send an email and someone will be in touch with you promptly.

Physicians and Clinics

If you or your patient have questions about worker’s compensation, we are happy to help. Attorney Luke Kingree focuses on worker’s compensation law as his sole area of practice. As part of his day-to-day work, he regularly assists patients, doctors, clinics, and other professionals get the answers they need about workplace injuries and the benefits available to injured workers.

If you have a patient who requires legal assistance with their worker’s compensation claim – no matter the issue – please feel free to either:

  • Contact us yourself; or
  • Have your patient contact us

In addition, below is information that may assist you in understanding and helping your patient understand the worker’s compensation system and process. The following are some common questions and issues that arise when an employee has been injured at work and requires medical treatment.

You may also be wondering what to do if a claim for medical treatment is denied and our bills are unpaid. If your medical facility requires timely payment for the services, the patient’s health insurance should be billed. Worker’s compensation denials take many months to appeal. If your medical facility is able to wait for the outcome of the worker’s compensation appeal, you should be mindful of two important facts: 1) There may be time deadlines for your clinic to submit to alternative health insurance; and 2) Worker’s compensation appeals may be unsuccessful, in which case your patient may be stuck with the full unpaid bill.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Attorney Kingree is committed to helping the injured workers of Wisconsin get the legal and medical help they deserve.

In addition, if you are interested in a seminar, presentation or helpful guidebook that Attorney Kingree has prepared for treating physicians, please call us at 608-977-3400.