Attorney Luke Kingree, I like to thank him and recommend him to anyone looking for an extremely knowledgeable, outstanding worker's compensation lawyer. When he took over my case and called me for the 1st time to introduce himself, he made me feel like I was talking to a friend. He explained my legal rights to all my questions, answered everyone ( there where alot of them) If I called him about anything he personally would return my call the same day. His caring understanding, extreme knowledge and helpfulness is greatly appreciated. My case settled June 2017. Attorney Kingree is still in contact with me, making sure everything is taken care of what was in the settlement. Always asking if there is any questions I have or anything he can help with. He went and still is going above and beyond his duty as a lawyer. I am so grateful to have Luke Kingree on my side. God Bless Attorney Luke Kingree. "Anyone looking for a kind, polite, personal, helpful, knowledgeable Worker's Compensation Lawyer Luke Kingree is the MAN".