Couldn't have asked for anything more.....Luke and his team took control and made my life a lot less worrisome. I was being treated badly by my companies Workers Compensation carrier and Wisconsin's Workers Comp. laws allow them to do this. You NEED to have an Expert and a Fighter on your side! Mr. Kingree and his team are the greatest....they researched, asked my Doctors (even one that just wanted to operate, without finding the root cause of my pain and wrote a cheap letter to the WC carrier). All said and done Kingree Law was able to settle my claim well into a six figure settlement. I cannot thank them enough for making our lives less worrisome during my injury progress and I feel that as my life has changed, it makes our future financial life more comfortable. I retired mostly because of the injury. A retirement that we planned for until this happened and without Mr Kingree my retirement would have been much different. Many Thanks to Luke and Sarah!!!