I am writing this review on behalf of Luke Kingree, Attorney at Law for Workman's Compensation. I was injured at my place of employment in 2016, it wasn't claimed as workman's comp because I wasn't familiar with the workman's comp laws back then, So I went through all the necessary treatment to get healed and back to work, well then I got reinjured so this time I claimed it as workman's comp and after so many treatments they sent me to an ime doctor who determined my injury was not work related and also preexisting, This is were Luke Kingree comes in as my attorney. He worked diligently for 5 years to get me a decent settlement and my medical bills paid. For anyone needing a workman's attorney I highly recommend you contact Luke, I never got to meet him because my case was settled out of court, but he knows the laws regarding Workman's Compensation and he has not lost as a case. He is here to help people, he works for you not your employer. Thank You Luke for doing an awesome job and fighting for me.