The Worker’s Comp Insurance Company Will Not Pay My Medical Bills

The Worker’s Comp Insurance Company Will Not Pay My Medical Bills

Many injured workers receive medical bills for treatment from a work injury. You should provide your medical clinics with the worker’s compensation claims adjuster’s contact information and ask the clinics to bill the worker’s comp carrier directly. The carrier must pay those medical bills within a reasonable period of time unless they have a defense. It is common for it to take 90 days or a bit more. If you are still receiving medical bills from your clinics more than 6 months after the bills were incurred, and your clinics have been billing the worker’s comp carrier, contact us right away.

There are no copays or deductibles for medical treatment under Wisconsin worker’s compensation law. The carrier must pay everything unless they have a valid defense to the claim. If you have out-of-pocket expenses for treatment, or the worker’s comp insurance company won’t pay for your medications and prescriptions, contact the Worker’s Compensation Division. Dispute resolution specialists there may be able to assist you with minor disputes.

If your claim has been denied and you have significant unpaid medical bills, contact us right away.

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